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Our mission is to deliver major label quality
at Indie and DIY prices

Whatever it takes, we will work to get your masters how you prefer them. Whether that means your mixes are great as they are and it's one and done, or you'd want to go back to revise the mix after hearing the master, or we need to revise the masters during the process, it's never a problem and never an extra charge.


One of the most important things with music is that it engages the listener. When you push play, it sounds like a record and embraces the senses without drawing attention to any technical oversights. Waltz Mastering is dedicated to providing a high quality, fast and affordable online mastering service with guaranteed results for clients from anywhere around the world.  It's very easy for you to hear exactly what your master will sound like before committing to our service.  We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work, and there is no risk to preview one of your mixes for no charge by simply uploading  the mix using the "UPLOAD FILES HERE" button.  You may also send mixes easily with to our email


Our Online Mastering Service specializes in Mastering for CD release, Vinyl release, and any Digital Format Release (online distribution) Tom is also one on the accredited mastering engineers that is certified by Apple for the Mastered For Itunes Program.  Our turn-around time for mastering a single or an E.P. is relatively quick, averaging about twenty four hours or less. The turn-around time for a full length album averages twenty four to forty eight hours.


Listen to Some Samples
Mastered by Waltz Mastering

Pop Jazz:  Bruce Hornsby - Levitate

Americana: The Beauty Of A Broken Heart

Pop rock: Gymnasium - Coast to Coast

EDM: Jaylyn Ducati - Dust Again

hip hop: mac mall - cali living

Pop hip hop: Arron Erskine - We'll See

Reggae Ska: Bim skala bim - skatalites

Tom Waltz, Engineer

More About Tom   1-617-997-7059